Saturday 22 June 2013

Makeup expiry dates || Time to throw out your makeup? - edited by me

I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to makeup and, coming to think of it, pretty much anything in life! Below is a list of makeup expiration dates that I hope covers any products you may have.

Mascara || 3 months, 4 at the absolute max. This is very annoying as I rarely get a chance to actually finish a mascara before it needs throwing away, but if you hold onto it any longer, bacteria may build up and cause an infection!
Liquid eyeliner || 6 months, keep no longer to prevent bacteria from growing.
Pencil eyeliner || If it is sharpened regularly it can last up to 3 years!
Powder eye shadow || Up to one year if the brushes used are cleaned on a weekly basis.
Cream eye shadow ||  This can last between 6 and 12 months before the dustbin calls.

Powder blush/ bronzer || These can last up to two years if the brushes used are regularly cleaned.

Cream blush/ bronzer || Maximum of 6 months, again depending on the brushes.

Liquid foundation || 8 months before it's time to throw out.

Cream foundation || 12-18 months.

Face powders || If the brushes are kept clean, up to 2 years.

Lip glosses and balms || Up to 2 years.

Lipstick || 18 months.
Concealer || 8 months.
I'm throwing mascara's away as we speak!
Au revoir mes amies

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