Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Love For Topshop Lipsticks

 From left: Charmed, Inhibition, Rio Rio and Oh La La.

 From left: Charmed, Inhibition, Rio Rio and Oh La La.

I do love a good Topshop lipstick. The packaging, the formula, the colour range, the price, you just can't beat it!  When Topshop released their makeup collection in 2010 I was twelve and more interested in their clothes but over the past six months I have really been loving their cosmetics range and in particular their lipsticks. I always have a new shade on my wishlist but here are the colours I own:

Rio Rio is a creamy orange toned red and looks perfect in the summer, especially with a topknot and black winged eyeliner (are you picturing it) whilst Charmed is a pale orange that looks great in spring. Inhibition is a deep purple that I haven't worn much yet as I bought it in March, just past the ideal wintry time of wear. Finally, Oh La La, which is a new addition to my collection is a gorgeous, wearable pink.



  1. Great post! I need to try one of this, maybe ohlala :)

  2. Inhibition looks amazing! I'm really pale though, so might have to do a sneaky tester before buying! xo

    1. It has to be a brave day that I wear it!

      Bea xx


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