Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Love for Rookie

It's one of my desktop icons, I read it everyday (three times to be precise) and, well, I love everything about it. Started by teen Tavi Gevinson, the online magazine talks about all things teenage girl. Filled with Friday Playlists, DIY style tips, embarrassing period stories and fiction, what's not to love? There are also monthly themes (July's will be Imitation) which are carried throughout the carefully thought out posts. The retro, vintage, nostalgic blog style only adds to my love. Basically this is my favourite website and below I will link some of my most read, loved and read again posts for you to have a flick through. I promise you won't be disappointed! And did I mention the really cool pictures? Ladies (and Gentlemen), I bring you Rookie...

Suffer little children

Innocence lost and found

I want it to be worth it: An interview with Emma Watson

All days are nights

Friday Playlist: Hanging out with the Lisbon sisters
Listen. To. This.


How to start a blog
This article is what inspired me!



  1. Loved this post! Have always been a casually vague reader of Rookie but this has prompted me to look at it more! I've always liked the way they illustrate the playlists, I always want them to hang on my wall! x


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