Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Meeting Fleur De Force

Today there is no time for my usual greeting as my happiness needs to be transferred into words before I shatter into a thousand over excited pieces. Whilst at the Clothes Show Live on Friday I bumped into the lovely, beautiful Fleur. It was such a surreal moment seeing her in the flesh after watching her videos for such a long time and I quite embarrassingly gushed at how much I loved them. Fleur was one of the first beauty YouTubers I ever subscribed to and her blog inspired me to start writing here. I know they say that you should never meet your 'idols' in real life, but Fleur is definitely an exception.

 p.s. please excuse my odd I'm-so-excited grin

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  1. aah! you're so lucky you met her!! xx

  2. I love Fleur's videos too, I'm so glad she was as nice in person :) x


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