Saturday 15 June 2013

Review || Heel Genious by Soap and Glory

It all begun about two years ago with a hand cream named Hand Food. I can't deny it any longer, I can't pretend it's not going on, for I am a Soap and Glory addict and my bathroom is dedicated to the stuff. There, I've said it.The underlying guilt of this blog post has completely gone and I can safely say that I own three, yes, three tubes of Heel Genius and I don't care what anybody thinks. As I seem to have acquired so many S&G products, I have decided that over the next month or so I shall review them all, express my likes and dislikes and then maybe buy some more.
Anyway, back to the review. This 125ml tube is currently retailing for £5.50 at Boots (Oh and what a surprise, S&G is currently on a 3for2, you don't see that very often- note the sarcasm) which I think is perfectly reasonable, if not quite a bargain! Now before we get carried away with ourselves, this is no ordinary Soap and Glory smelling product. In fact, it's quite minty. Containing orange & lemon fruit acid smoothers and macadamia oil, I'm starting to see the origins of the smell. Although I do prefer the traditional scent, this one has grown on me quite considerably.
The packaging is the infamous Soap and Glory pink, while the easy to squeeze, flip-top opening tube is sturdy and allows just the right amount of product to come out. I try to use this product every night (although in reality it's more like four times a week) and have discovered a way to use it that works for me. Initially I did what it said on the tube and smothered a good few layers of the cream onto my feet, put on my slipper socks, and went to sleep. However, for the Summer I find that I don't want to  be wearing socks to bed and I prefer massaging a thin layer onto my feet and going to sleep sans socks. Both the methods keep my skin soft and seem to do the anti-dry heel trick!
Oh, and did I mention that it comes out a minty blue? Slightly disconcerting the first time I used it!
So as you can probably guess, I would definitely recommend this to a friend and I am highly recommending this to all of you!


  1. i'm definitely trying this! i hate seeing cracked/dry feet in sandals and im paranoid about letting mine get that way! i've been told to use the body shop's products but this is A LOT cheaper and i love s&g - win win!

    bec X

    1. Yes, same! I haven't herd much about the body shop's foot cream, but if this is cheaper then it doesn't matter!

      Bea xx


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