Sunday, 16 February 2014

My Topshop Lipstick Collection

 Topshop lipsticks and I get along like Holmes and Watson. At times we are inseparable. Over the past year I have obtained a small selection of beautiful, beautiful Topshop lipsticks. The range of colours, lasting power, pigmentation, packaging and price are just a handful of reasons as to why I own eight of them. I've loved Topshop's clothes, shoes, statement necklaces and bags for years and their makeup offerings don't break this tendency.

From L-R || Beatnik, Rio Rio, Wicked, Whimsical, Ohh La La, Inhibition, Jewel, Charmed.
Originally this was from the 'Dark Side of Nude' collection but Topshop brought it into their permanent line. In the bullet this appears a really deep red, however when applied this is more of a plum shade and a whole lot less scary to wear.
Whimsical is one of the Velvet finish lipsticks with, in my opinion, the best name (On a side note does anyone else always feel sorry for lipsticks with no names?). This particular shade is a pretty peach, which I think would work better with my skin tone in the summer as the colour is just slightly too nude at the moment.
 Ohh La La
Ohh La La is another Velvet finish lipstick and is the perfect coral shade for summer. I often refer to tis as a bright pastel (if that's even possible) and is like the pink version of Charmed.
Inhibition has a Satin Matte finish which is a bit scary to wear as an everyday colour as it is a deep purple. I think this looks best with a satin finish foundation (Bourjois Happy Light anyone?), barely-any-there base makeup with lashings of a volumising mascara of your choice.
This lipstick excites me the most, perhaps? It is pH reactive, so adjusting colour when it comes in contact with your skin. It looks different on everyone, on me a pale magenta, on others orange, pink and peach.
The orange version of Ohh La La, again has great summer lipstick potential and looks great with a peach blush.
Beatnik is the only Creamy finish lipstick that I own and the formula is very similar to MAC's cremesheen. This particular shade is my perfect nude with a very slight brown hint to eat and leaves a nice sheen without being shimmery.
Rio Rio
Rio Rio is another Satin Matte finish lipstick which just so happens to be the first one I received, and where the obsession began. This has slightly orange-y undertones and is by far my most used Topshop lipstick.

I thought I would include this Lip marker, which my friend kindly bought me for my birthday, as it is a new Topshop favourite. If I were to fly to the moon, I'm pretty sure this lip colour would last me (although it depends if we're taking the Tardis or not). It's a bright red which will cling to dry patches, so a lip balm underneath is recommended. This also passed the Oreo milkshake test without smudging.

Do you own any Topshop Lipsticks? Which is your favourite?

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  1. The photography here is so pretty and adorable! a really nice post!! :)

  2. I really wish I owned some Topshop lipsticks because they all look so lovely, particularly Wicked and Rio Rio. I will try and remember to buy some next time I go shopping :-) Very pretty post xx

  3. I love Topshop lipsticks so much! I have Inhibition too, but I think I may have to have a look at Whimsical next time :-)

    Meg ♡

  4. I really need to buy myself one of these! They look amazing and the packaging is super cute
    Lucia's Loves

  5. Beautiful colors! They have some beautiful darker colors in your collection!
    ~Makaela at

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I really need to buy myself one of these to give my girl friend ! They look amazing and the packaging is super cute .also i like peach sapphire engagement rings
      are you girls love peach sapphire??


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