Thursday, 2 January 2014

A Suprising Bath || Golden Wonder by Lush

Happy New Year!
Now at this time of year everyone seems to be blogging about their New Year's Resolutions and their round ups of 2013 but I thought, instead, I'd write about a fantastical bath I had the other night. Because my life is just that interesting. I've never been one for the New Year's tradition as if there is something that you want to start doing then you might as well start it anytime you like, besides I always break my resolutions by the 2nd of January so I didn't see a lot of point. Back to the bath. I'm a bit of a YouTube addict and around November - December time there were many, many lush hauls in my subscription box. So as any Sheep does I popped off to Lush and chose the Golden Wonder bath bomb to go in my stocking.
Even though this isn't a particularly festive scent it reminds me off a citrusy, lavendery, extremely lovely smelling object (awful at describing as you can tell). I was expecting a golden bath but no, once the bomb (sorry I'm just in a Sherlock mood) hit the water it was clear this wasn't to be the case (still in a Sherlock mood). Eventually the bath turned turquoise with little golden stars appearing, floating then melting. If I was Sherlock I'd be able to work out how Lush made a turquoise bath from a golden bath ballistic, but alas, I'm just me.
If like a detective you see one of these in the Lush Christmas sales, I would recommend running over to the till to buy it.
p.s. Not trying to be too sentimental (I'm not good at that kind of thing anyway) but thank you for all your support this past year, it really does mean a lot.


  1. I love this bath bomb, I waited till it was in the sale (I'm such a cheap skate haha) I, like yourself, was expecting to be bathing in liquid gold , but like you said that was totally not the case haha!


  2. My sister and I tried this bath bomb the other night too and it was stunning! the colour it turns after is especially pretty.

    p.s I got your Sherlock references, I watched it too ;) xx

    1. Ooh I'm glad your sister liked it, and I love Sherlock! xx

  3. Lovely post, I totally agree with the new years thing :) I love how these turn blue.

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  4. Love the colour it turns the water, can't say I was that drawn to it in the shop but I'll keep my eyes peeled for it next year :)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

    1. It's pretty isn't it, there are so many things it's hard to chose but I will be buying this again next year! xx


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