Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Natural Collection Nudes

Coral Shimmer and Rose Petal
Hello everyone, hope you're all well! Now if anyone's looking for a bargain, Natural Collection's the way to go. With their most expensive products costing a whole £1.99, it's hard to complain! Their lipsticks are only something I've recently delved into and overall I've been pretty impressed. Lately I've been really into nude lipsticks (see post) and thought I'd do a quick review of my favourites.
First up we have Coral Shimmer, which as the name would suggest is a shimmery coral! This is definitely a my-lips-but-better shade and would suit most skin tones. The shimmer show in the tube barely transpires onto the lips and instead leaves a slightly glossy finish. This lasts reasonably well and is easy to reapply without looking patchy!
(I don't know why my hair looks like straw in this picture, it was slightly wet!)
Next, my favourite, Rose Petal. This is a gorgeous pinky nude that just glides on to the lips and rivals the quality of MAC. This looks perfect paired with a neutral smokey eye and plumy autumn cheeks! The finish is slightly different than Coral Shimmer as I find it to be slightly matte and less hydrating.
All in all this post has proved to me that the price of the lipstick doesn't matter, £1.99 or £15! Which is your favourite lipstick for under a fiver?


  1. This look so natural on you. I love MUA lipsticks and Rimmels i have stopped buying higher end ones now as cheaper ones are just as good. MAC ones now saved for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas

    Carrieanne x

    1. Thank you! I agree the high-street offer some really great bargains! xx

  2. I love Natural Collections blushers, must give these lippys a go too! great post! :) xo

  3. They look nice and natural, and what an amazing price. Natural Collection is such a great cosmetics brand.

  4. I've heard so many lovely things about these, I must try one out. I especially like the look of Rose Petal
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  5. These look like such value, and Rose Petal is an really pretty colour! :)
    Emma xo
    The Little Duckling

    1. The quality is definitely beyond the price! xx

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