Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Week in Cornwall

Hello everyone, hope you're all well! Sorry for not posting much over the past few days, first week back at school and I've already got exams, controlled assessments and plenty of homework to look forward to! Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we ventured down to Southern Cornwall (around Helford for anyone familiar) for a family holiday. I managed to get a few pretty pictures and thought it the perfect opportunity to write a lifestyle post as those are always my favourite kind.
One of the first places we went to was Trebah Gardens, near Helford River, which was full of beautiful flowers (as you'd expect), secret paths and overlooked a gorgeous sandy beach. The place was very busy so it was hard to get photos without random people wondering in front of the lens!

There were also a few little places to eat in the Helford village including the Down by the Riverside Café which was a great stop for a slice of cake or two and a whimsical, beautifully decorated pub named the Shipwrights Arms which had a magical view on looking the Helford river.

 I hope you enjoyed reading a slightly different type of post! Have you ever been to Cornwall? 


  1. I love cornwall!!<3
    Lovely pics!

    Great post, Thanks for sharing!:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  2. These pics are so cute! :) xx


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