Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review || Soap and Glory Clear Here Moisturiser

I have been on a hunt for moisturisers that are good for oily to combination skin. In most parts my skin is normal but I do, however, go through dry and oily skin phases. Cue Clear Here. If there is one thing I don't get about the product it's the name. Clear Here makes me automatically think of a spot treatment or is that just me? Anyway, back to the actual product. The formulae is quite gel like and the lotion comes out pale blue! I find that it does what it says on the tin, 'T-zone oil control' and great for a low end product. The moisturiser has pore shrinking effects and is good for mattifying the skin.

Have you tried this moisturiser? What do you think?

Available to buy from boots here.

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  1. I'm looking for a new moisturiser, I may have to give this a try, it sounds nice! :)


  2. Thanks for commenting! You should try it, it's so refreshing on the skin. Just followed your blog as well, so good! xxx

  3. I have a little obsession with Soap & Glory products x


    1. Haha, I think it's the packaging that gets me! Great blog, Bea xx

  4. nice blog~ so romantic and intersting!~ really nice post thanks for your sharing~


    Please leave a message if you follow my blog i will follow yours back~LOL~


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