Saturday 25 May 2013

Five favourites || spring nail polishes

For the first edition in my new series five favourites I have decided to talk about nail polishes. Although my collection is rather bigger than it ought to be, I always seem to return to these five during spring. I hope this is helpful, enjoy!

Models own Beach Party- HK01 This one is super bright, when this is on your nails you know that it's spring!

Beach party

Available to buy from: here 

Barry M's Mint Green- 304 This is a good dupe for Essie's mint candy apple and is really cheap in comparison.

Mint green

Available to buy from: here

Topshop's Geography Teacher- 102 ( I couldn't resist the name of this!) When you feel like going for a subtle, yet spring-y colour, this one is perfect.

Available to buy from: here

Rimmel's Tangy Tangerine- 705 Similar to Barry M's peach melba, this nail polish looks great with a tan.

Tangy tangerine

Available to buy from: here

Jessica's Cleopatra's rule- 494 The pink of all pinks. A must have for any pink polish lover out there.

Available to buy from: here



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