Monday, 20 May 2013

The Importance of Good Friends


So about four years ago I moved to a new school. I didn't want to. All my old friends were going off to this other school together and I would move, without them, to a place where I new nobody. But hey, that's life, I told myself. Move on. It takes a while to find good friends. It may just start off with a chat or a catching of an eye in lessons. It just happens. Anyway, I'd hope it would because I was a pretty weird eleven year old.

Fast forward a few years and we arrive at the present. From the pictures above, I can look and see that, yes, I have made some good, no, great friends. I wouldn't swap them for the world. A day at school wouldn't be complete without them. They except me, look out for me and will ALWAYS be there for me. And in a few years time, when we go are separate ways, there are some people I know I won't loose contact with. Will still have a laugh with. Friendship, it has been scientifically proven, is the key to happiness. And I guess that is why I am rarely sad.

Happy National Bestfriend day!


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