Thursday 30 May 2013

Thought Thursday #2

Another week, another Thought Thursday post. Well, I've only done two so far but that sounded like a good intro. This quote by Albert Einstein struck a cord with me somehow. In our lives we need balance. Lean to far to one side and you'll fall (and probably graze your knee). And if you do, get back up again and keep cycling. The more you try and practice, the easier it becomes.

When I learnt to ride a bike was seven. Most of my other friends new what they were doing on bicycle terms, but me, I wasn't going anywhere without stabilizers. I was cycling round the garden with my dad holding the back of my seat, 'Don't let go!' I had said. Too late, he already had. And I could do it. I could cycle. The part of the story I haven't mentioned yet are the many times before that were I couldn't balance and fell. But hey, you're not going to get anywhere in life if you don't persevere.



  1. I love these cute little quotes, they always make me smile! Looking forward to more of these posts :-)


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