Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Would You Rather? || The Company Edition

In August's edition of Company they had a little section of  'beauty banter' in which there were a few would you rather... questions. I thought this would be super fun to do as a blog post and make a difference from the beauty edition I've seen floating around. Be prepared, there are some rather odd questions!
Would you rather have hair that smells of seaweed OR skin that feels like sand?
Well I'm thinking hair that smells of seaweed because if you had sand like skin it would be really itchy and make it hard to wear clothes. Whereas if your hair smelt like seaweed people maybe a bit put of but at least it wouldn't irritate you all the time! Seaweed doesn't smell too bad...
Would you rather wear fake tan five shades too dark OR five shades too light?
I think for me it would be five shades too light because I really hate the TOWIE look and I'm not big on fake tan anyway!
Would you rather have a permanent mono-brow OR a perma-moustache?
Oh God- both would be so embarrassing! Eyebrows are such a central part to the face but maybe if you channelled Cara Delevigne you could work a mono-brow? I really don't want a permanent moustache!

Would you rather not wash your hair for a month OR not wear deodorant for a month?
I hate the look of greasy hair but no-one wants to smell! Just because you can't wear deodorant doesn't mean you can't wear body spray and just because you can't wash your hair doesn't mean you can't use dry shampoo. I've kind of worked my way round this one but I think I'd not wear deodorant because I've only used dry shampoo on day old hair and something tells me it wouldn't work so well after four weeks...

Would you rather get a really bad haircut OR get a really bad colour?
Hmmm, in our family hair doesn't grow particularly quickly so it would take ages for the cut to grow out but I could sort of disguise it with a pony tail or bun. I've never died my hair but if it went streaky ginger it wouldn't be a good look! I'm going to have to say haircut!

Would you rather wear vomit scented perfume OR an amazing smelling perfume that only attracts seagulls?
Whenever I smell vomit I wretch so maybe that wouldn't be the best idea. But then seagull attraction has never been on my to do list! Probably the second one because at least you'd smell nice!

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  1. This was such a great idea for a post! loved reading your answers :-)



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