Thursday 11 July 2013

Review || Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

Hello everyone, hope you're all well! Whilst browsing the magazine stand last week I spotted that Marie Claire's free gift was a mini version of the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, a product I had wanted to try for a while. So, as you may of already guessed, I picked it up!
The product arrives in a pretty little blue box and the eyeliner itself is silver.
Marie Claire is a reduced price of only £2.50 this month, making this a really great deal!
 Eyeko claim, "Whether you want bold drama or grown-up glamour, you can line and define your eyes in an instant with our easy-to-control Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. The preservative-free formula with key ingredient, Sodium Hyaluronate ensures that colour glides on and stays on for a long-lasting, glossy finish. It's a highly pigmented colour, it won't smudge or fade and it's easy to apply."
The felt tip is a medium size, allowing the user to apply a thin or thick line. The pigmentation is great although the product, I find, to fade throughout the day, occasionally flaking. My usual liquid eyeliner is Collection's extreme 24 hour felt tip liner, which I actually prefer as the colour lasts all day.

What is your favoutite eyeliner? Have you picked up any free gifts with magazines this month?
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  1. I love pen liners like this they're so much easier to use. Shame it fades through the day though, I hate it when that happens! Not bad for free though, and you could always wear it when you know you're not going to be out all day long :) Glad to have come across your blog, now following you x

  2. I had one of these free before but it was green, so didn't really use it that much! haha.

    I found you on Nikki's blog hop and I'm now following you :)

    Lizzie's Luxuries

    1. Hahaha, I'll be sure to check your blog out!

      Bea xx


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