Thursday 18 April 2013

Review || Soap and glory Arch De Triumph eyebrow pencil

Creating the perfect brow can completely change the way your face looks. Soap and glory's, 'Arch De Triumph' is the latest brow crayon that I have been trying out. Here's what I thought...

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, which is to be expected of S&G.

The pencil lids don't fall off in my makeup bag and the packaging is very sturdy.
Most brow pencils tend to look like your eyebrow has been drawn in and very fake, however the taupe coloured pencil is very natural looking . Although I feel that the pencil needs warming up before use to create any pigmentation, which can be quite frustrating. The highlighter is very pigmented and creamy and doesn't emphasise any pores.
Overall I really enjoy using this pencil but would try it before buying, due the £8 price tag, how hard the pencil is to apply and the little variation in colour.

If you do feel like giving this crayon a go you can buy it from here.
Have a nice day!
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