Sunday 21 April 2013

Five favourites || Spring lipsticks

In spring it is time to go bold. And bright. These lipsticks are sure to create a statement however there are a few, 'my lips but better' colours as well. Hope you're having a nice day!

From left, Rio Rio, Charmed, Fleshpot, Shade 7, Rose Petal

Probably my favourite of the lot, Charmed by topshop is a gorgeous peachy coral, sure to brighten up any outfit.

Available to buy from here.
Rio Rio by topshop has had a fair bit of use from me, I absolutely love it!

Available to buy from here.
Mac's Fleshpot is a satin finish and is an easy nude to pull off for fairer skin tones.

Available to buy from here.
Natural Collection's products are only £1.99, so this moisture shine lipstick in Rose Petal is an absolute bargain.

Available to buy from here.
Finally, from MUA's £1 lipstick collection . . . Shade 7. Could they not think of a better name. I know that it's very cheap but I always feel sad for an unnamed lipstick. Apart from that, though, the quality of this is far beyond the price and I would highly recommend picking one up.
Available to buy from here.
Au revoir mes amies xxx


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