Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bedtime Reading

It's been a while since I last shared my bogroll blogroll, so I thought that it'd be a grand idea to do so now. These four blogs are some of my favourite reads at the moment and I can guarantee that if you want a bit of wardrobe envy or just a good ol' chuckle, then these are the blogs for you.
Milk Bubble Tea
This blog is just a delight. The photography, chocolaty recipes, beautiful decor posts and of course not to forget to mention little Oscar, make it so. If you're ever in need of a pick me up, then this blog is the perfect read!
What Olivia Did
I. Just. Love. This. Girl. Never met her, might I add. Olivia seems (got to add that in-could be some random old man, but I doubt it) so lovely and I could quite happily spend a few hours getting lost in her beautiful, whimsical blog.
Student Life
Hannah writes like I think. A bit of Bridget Jones here, a smudge of chocolate there...And did I mention she is hilarious? Not smile then click off funny, actually laugh until someone looks at you funny. Big difference.
There are other reasons to me loving to read Rookie other than my girl crush on  Tavi Gevinson. It's great for teenage girls although I can't really imagine a time when I won't read it (but then I would say that). I actually did a whole post last year dedicated to some of my favourite posts on there, and if I was writing that again I'd definitely add this one too.

What blogs do you love to read?



  1. oh my gosh I LOVE tavi gevinson & rookie & the style rookie!!!! wow :') was just having a look at your 'about' section and I noticed you're 16 like me! except i'm from australia haha :) hoping we can email sometime! -followed on bloglovin

  2. These kind of posts are always nice! It's fun to know other people's favorite blogs :)


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